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What makes sense doesn't always work... And what works doesn't always make sense... 
Until we meet.

My name is Shlomo.
I have been an entrepreneur for the first half of my life; I started and sold several thriving high-tech companies and enjoyed every bit of it... I never worked for anybody but myself.
Then, when I was 46, something “snapped”; I needed a new purpose in my life, and material gains did not cut it anymore; so I re-invented myself into what you see today;
an Analyst Of Existence & a spiritual troubleshooter…

The ability to "see" through people was always there, and today, combined with the vast experience I gained with life, people & business, I can help you in many unique ways.
I have done it for many, and the reactions have been very profound; people's lives changed.
This is one of those rare occasions where a small investment ( mainly of your time and attention ) can change your reality in ways you cannot foresee… Most, if not all, who spoke with me describe it as seeing life & reality differently after our first meeting.

Talk For Life is about giving you the right directions at the "big picture" level.
Your personality is your destiny. I will "introduce" you to that personality and show you what careers, partners & lifestyles work best for you.

Coaching and Mentoring:
If you were going to reach the peak of Mt Everest, you would probably want to talk to someone who did it before or at least possesses the relevant knowledge because your life will depend on how much you know, literally…
What about your LIFE? It is much more complex than ascending MT Everest, but most of us don't ask for directions…
If I asked you, WHO ARE YOU? You would, more than likely, give me your name…
But WHO is behind that name? What personality? Who is YOU?
To manage your life in our complex reality, you need to know MORE about YOU.
And the best way to do it is in front of a mirror; today, I will be your mirror…

I want to help everybody:
My highest priority is to help you at any price... If you need my help but for ANY REASON want to pay a different amount from what is posted, go to the "DONATE" page and follow the instructions.

Get to know me better by watching the videos on my YouTube channel. If you don't have the time, read the reactions to those videos, and if you haven't done it yet, read "what people say after we meet..". here: WHAT PEOPLE SAY...

For longer-term coaching & Mentoring, please visit www.higherstrategy.solutions.
Please visit my YouTube channel:  www.youtube.com/c/shlomofriedman
My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shlomo.friedman.96 
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