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  •  05/02/2024 06:54 PM

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What makes sense doesn't always work... And what works doesn't always make sense... 
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 Before you start, please watch this short video I recorded for you: 

Book a free session and tell me what it is you want to achieve but cannot convince yourself is possible. I will prepare a custom program for you with several sessions to address the areas in your life we deem important.

My name is Shlomo.
I have been an entrepreneur for the first half of my life; I started and sold several thriving high-tech companies, including a national cellular provider in Canada, and enjoyed every bit of it... I never worked for anybody but myself.
Then, when I was 46, something “snapped”; I needed a new purpose in my life, and material gains did not cut it anymore, so I re-invented myself into who you see today;
 a spiritual troubleshooter, a Coach and a Mentor.
After many years of research & observation, I arrived at this conclusion: All the abundance of this universe is available EQUALLY to everybody, whether you are the president of the United States or a poor & homeless human being. So, you may ask, what prevents ME from having all that abundance?  This is a good question, and I don't only answer it; I teach you how to overcome it.
I call the "blockage" between you and the infinite abundance The Reduction Funnels... And what I do is MINIMIZE the ability of those funnels to REDUCE abundance from your life. Our success is measured by our ability to access more of the infinite abundance.  
In my work with clients, I implement many concepts found in RealityTransurfing: 
Outer Intention and how it works, desire vs intention, the power of thoughts and much more.
The ability to "see" through people was always there, and today, combined with the vast experience I gained with life, people & business, I can help you in ways that don't exist in your current reality.
I have done it for many, and the reactions have been very profound; people's lives changed.
This is one of those rare occasions where a small investment ( mainly of your time and attention ) can change your reality in ways you cannot foresee… Most, if not all, who spoke with me describe it as seeing life & reality differently after our first meeting.
Please book a free exploration meeting with me <HERE>

Talk For Life is about giving you the right directions at the "big picture" level and in the practical details unique to you.
Your personality is your destiny. I will "introduce" you to that personality and show you what careers, partners & lifestyles work best for you.

I want to help everybody:
I offer payment plans on all my programs; please don't hesitate to ask. My highest priority is to help you at any price... so If you need my help but for ANY REASON want to pay a different amount from what is posted, please connect with me.

To get to know me better, please watch the videos on my YouTube channel. If you don't have the time, read the reactions to those videos, and if you haven't done it yet, read "what people say after we meet..". here: WHAT PEOPLE SAY...

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Watch a short introduction video here:

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A free exploration and evaluation meeting with me.

To dip your feet in the water before you jump in...

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One hour Zoom meeting: We analyze where you are and where you want to be.

In this meeting, we will attempt to set you on the right path; otherwise, we will design a plan to achieve it. In either case, you will feel like a different person after we meet.

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A new reality and fulfilled goals in six meetings.

In this six-meeting program, we will embark on a journey to create a new, better reality for you and work together to achieve the goals you always wanted to conquer, all under the guidance of "Let's Just Do It."

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Long Term 6 and 12 months programs

For long term coaching and mentoring please contact me directly:

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