Do you know who is YOU?

Let's Talk For Life - I will change your life.


The best TESTIMONIALS are the comments on my videos... And always up to date : Or read the BLOG here. 


My highest priority is to help you FOR ANY PRICE... If for ANY REASON you need my help but want to pay a different amount, please go to the "CONTRIBUTIONS" page and follow the instructions.

Talk For Life is all about giving you the right directions, at the "big picture" level.
Not at the "technical" or scientific level, but at a level that encapsulates them all.
If you are here, it is most likely because you watched my videos and something felt right...
Combining the Face Reading with Talk For Life, talking to you, we create a better reality for you. it opens new doors and windows...

Mentoring: (or a conversation)
If you were going to reach the peak of Mt Everest you would probably want to meet and talk to anybody who did it, or possesses some good information about it, wouldn't you?
You life will depend on how much you know, literally...
What about your LIFE? It is way more complex than ascending MT Everest, but you refuse to ask for "directions"...why?
If I asked you this question you will, more than likely, give me your name…
But WHO is behind that name?
Who is YOU?
In order to manage your life in the complex reality we live in you need to know MORE about YOU.
Let's Talk For Life, it will change how YOU perceive reality , and enable YOU to create a better reality for YOURSELF and the people around YOU.

"Face reading"
I will tell you everything I can feel and see about you. ( it may affect your reality in some ways) You can stop here or use the $100 as a credit towards a meeting, just reply to my letter to you.

My name is Shlomo.
During the first half of my life I have been an entrepreneur; I started and sold a number of successful companies and enjoyed every bit of it...
I never worked for anybody but myself... Today I am an "Analyst Of Existence" and a "Spiritual Analyzer"...
The ability to "see" through people was always there, but today, combined with the vast experience I gained in business, people and life, I can help you in a number of unique ways.
I have done it for many, and the reactions have been very profound and people's lives changed. This is one of those rare occasions where a small investment ( mainly of your time and attention ) can change your reality by changing how you perceive yourself and others.
Usually you will get results after one or two meetings.
Get to know me better by watching the videos on my YouTube channel and if you don't have the time, read the comments:

Please visit my YouTube channel:
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Talk For Life - Face To Face Mentoring & Consultation.

I love meeting people and we can talk about ANYTHING you like:)

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Face Reading.

I look at your picture with my eyes, but SEE YOU through my intuition...

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Unfolding Your Life Step By Step.

In depth analysis of every major event in your life and how it shaped the current YOU.

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Online, in person, your choice. We can discuss any topic, whether it is personal, business related or anything else. You can contact me by email for any questions or clarifications. BOOKING TIMES are in Pacific Standard Time. (PST) If you prefer to pay by a contribution of your choice please do so and then check-out using "pay by phone".

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  • Address: Vancouver, BC, Canada (Map)
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  •  20/04/2021 01:36 PM

Hello faces:) This blog is for everybody, but specifically for those of you who had me "read" you... Share you experience, good or bad, ask questions and provide information and advice for others...

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  •  19/04/2021 02:13 PM

Hi, this is Shlomo. I created this space for you. Here we can discuss anything, but specifically it is for those of you who either spoke to me or are contemplating to do so.

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